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KCAD CS Graphics Workshop

Ended Apr 21, 2020

Spots remaining: 3

Full course description

Course Syllabus-Intro to Graphic Design


Class 1:      Introduction of instructor and students. Discuss the goals and expected outcomes of the course. Quick overview of Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign and how these applications function individually and work together. Lecture on design elements and vocabulary discussing principles such as line, shape, contrast, repetition, and the figure/ground relationship. Students will research and apply images they find to describe the various design elements.


Class 2:     Review and discuss assignment on design elements. Lecture on color theory and its role in design. Discuss using the color wheel and how to use Adobe Color to explore the various color palettes such as primary, secondary, tertiary, analogous, monochromatic, triadic, etc. Students will select from a list of color combinations, and apply them to graphics they create. 


Class 3:    Lecture on Typography. Typography history, hierarchy, grids, mood, and terminology will be covered. Explore typographic variations using point size, leading, kerning, tracking, hyphenation, measure, etc. Discuss applying Adobe InDesign for an assignment using a present grid and text. Class discussion. 


Class 4:    Review and discuss typography assignment. Lecture on Photoshop and how to use color and text elements in a composition. Students will apply these skills in a Photoshop assignment.


Class 5:    Review and discuss Illustrator assignment. Lecture on Illustrator and how to use color, text, and Photoshop and elements in a composition. Students will apply these skills to create a concert poster in an Illustrator assignment. 


Class 6:    Review and discuss Illustrator assignment. Lecture on InDesign and how to use color, text, Illustrator, and Photoshop elements in a multi-page layout. Review projects and print. 



Mac or PC computer with the latest version of Adobe Suite

Electronic storage device for your work. Sketch materials (sketch pad/pencils)